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Energy Efficiency + Green Buidling = Employment Opportunities PDF Print E-mail
Written by CINDY L. WEIDNER   
I am so excited about new opportunities that have come my way. For the past year I have embraced our national goal to reduce energy consumption and participate in “Green Building”. Hi, my name is Cindy Weidner; I am a member of ACIA and have had my RCI Division II Building certification for several years now. I have worked closely with several DSA inspectors as their Program Administrator and performed inspections under my license. I’ve watched our industry struggle under the current economic conditions. I believe we have an opportunity to expand our services to our clients by incorporating knowledge of energy efficiency.

In President Obama’s March 30, 2011 speech on energy, he addresses the need to conserve energy. He stated, “Part of this change comes from wasting less energy. Today, our homes and businesses consume 40 percent of the energy we use, costing us billions in energy bills. That’s why we’ve proposed new programs to help Americans upgrade their homes and businesses and plants with new, energy-efficient … that will save consumers and business owners tens of billions of dollars a year…”

When talking about energy efficiency you must also incorporate “green building”. Green building includes use of sustainable building products, tight construction and reduced energy cost. We can and have been encouraged to incorporate energy efficiency in school construction. The article “New Incentives Promote ‘Green’ School Construction” (may be read in it entirety at http://www.green.ca.gov/ default.htm) …” The Department of General Services (DGS) announced that new regulations recently took effect that will encourage California K-12 public school districts to incorporate ‘green,’ high performance features in their facilities. The department also announced that its Division of the State Architect (DSA) has partnered with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) to create a streamlined review process for schools seeking the state’s ‘green’ schools funding, and certification from CHPS…”

As a response to Obama and California’s directions for energy conservation and green building, I have now joined E3 NorCal [one of Northern California’s largest Multifamily and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) energy consultants] as a consultant. Through our affiliation we have, not only, performed energy audits on a large apartment complex, but also, incorporated our inspections services utilizing DSA and RCI inspectors. We also performed a CASp like evaluation utilizing CASp certified inspector. Again, Energy Efficiency = Employment Opportunity for our members.

The intent of this article is to inform you of what is coming in the future. A series of articles will be published in coming issues of The Inspector Magazine regarding Energy Efficiency + Green Building = Employment Opportunity for our members and cost savings to our clients by E3 NorCal, industry leaders and myself. If we can educate our clients on how energy saving measures can reduce their monthly utility bills and improve their building functions, we will increase the services that we provide to them.

If you would like to hear more now, you can contact Cindy Weidner at 916-502-3000.
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