Renew Your RCI

First Year Renewal

New RCIs are required to renew after the first year with 12 units of continuing education.

RCI Renewal

After the first year renewal RCI holders can renew every three years with 36 units of continued education, including and not limited to; chapter meetings, work experience, and seminars.

RCI ONLY Renewal

You may renew just your RCI without the ACIA membership that provides discounts to seminars and access to meeting  for $300 

Joint RCI Renewal

You can renew both your RCI and ACIA membership for $375. The Joint renewal provides you with discounts to our seminars and educational events. 

First Year Renewal

This form is used for RCI's after one year to renew with proof of 12 units of continued education. 

RCI Renewal

This form is used to renew your RCI once you have had your RCI for over one year.



Retired Renewal

This form is used for ERCI's and Retired RCI's 

after one year to renew

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