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Due to COVID 19, ACIA has had to cancel all in-person exams for our Registered Construction Inspectors (RCI) program. Help us go digital and offer exams online. 

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The American Construction Inspectors Association (ACIA)  was formed in 1954 and incorporated in 1959 to provide educational opportunities and promote standards of knowledge and conduct for all construction inspectors. Prior to 1982, the State of California certified construction inspectors through the Bureau of Consumer Affairs. However, during his first term in office, Gov. Jerry Brown terminated this practice and turned the responsibility for inspector certification over to the ACIA, which was then known as the California Inspectors Association, or CIA.


Shortly thereafter, ACIA created the Board of Registered Construction Inspectors (RCI), a semi-autonomous committee charged with establishing minimum standards for general engineering inspectors, general building inspectors, public works inspectors and many other different categories of specialty inspectors. The RCI Board receives and processes applications for registration, conducts examinations and registers construction inspectors who successfully meet all the requirements provided for in the Rules and Regulations of the RCI Board.


As a state recognized certification provider, ACIA certification and continuing education programs meet the requirements set forth in California Health and Safety Code § 18949, which mandates certification, training and continuing education requirements for construction inspectors, plans examiners and building officials who are employed by governmental agencies, special districts, cities, counties and local agencies.


Local ACIA Chapters have been established from Sacramento to San Diego, these groups form the foundation of Association activities for most members. At the chapter meetings, members share information, network, socialize, conduct chapter business and attend programs presented by qualified experts in the construction industry.


If you require additional information, please contact the main office by phone at 626-797-2242 or via email at

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