RCI Renewal 



RCI holders can renew every three years with 36 units of continued education, including and not limited to; chapter meetings, work experience, and online learning. For ACIA online classes click here.

RCI ONLY Renewal

You may renew just your RCI without the ACIA membership that provides discounts to seminars and access to meeting  for $600

Joint RCI Renewal

You can renew both your RCI and ACIA membership for $750. The Joint renewal provides you with discounts to our seminars and educational events. 

Thank you for renewing your RCI. Please send your renewal by filling out the RCI renewal Form below and uploading proof of 36 continuing education units. 

* If you are a Registered ERCI, You may use this form to renew and disregard submission of CEUS

Upload verification of attendance at ACIA chapter meetings or other association meetings such as AIA, CSI, ICC, DSA, IAPMO.

Upload File

Upload verification of in-person seminars or online education certificates from www.aecdaily.com OR other approved providers

Upload File

If unemployed, upload proof of job search below

Upload File

Upload verified completion of college and/or other relevant educational courses. (transcript and/or certificate(s) of completion or course schedule)

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Upload verification of employment, licenses and/or certifications.

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Now select which renewal you would like to complete below

  • RCI Renewal

    Valid for 3 years
  • RCI & ACIA Renewal

    Valid for 3 years